We have a committed and enthusiastic Board of Trustees who bring a variety of skills and a wealth of experience to the table, and make bold decisions to take the Association forward in a new and exciting direction.  The one feature common to all is that they keep bees! 

Victoria Paterson-Mackie


I have been involved in beekeeping since 2017, by starting on the DSBA New Beekeepers’ course – fell in love with bees and now have three hives that I share with my husband and children, our littlest beekeepers! As a lecturer in Animal Biology, I have a love for nature, and provide advice as Editor of the New Beekeepers’ lecture notes.

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Kenneth Holden

Vice Chair

Married (to a very tolerant partner Elizabeth). Son of the Rock (Stirling born and bred).  I have taken the step and retired (well I have stopped paid employment, however, I seem to be busier than ever!)  Officially started bee-keeping in 2015 (brought to the craft many years before helping a friend collect swarms and move colonies).  Number of colonies varies from 2 to 6 (my preference is 4).  Prefer Wooden Modified National (with one token WBC for the garden).  Enjoy “working” in my shed (normally bee-related goods appearing). 

Little known fact: enjoy making walking sticks and crooks (again, in the shed). Need to work on: Time Management (where does time go?!) Getting even better at: Being “crabbit” (so I have been told!).

Leila Scobie


I have been involved in beekeeping since the spring of 2017 after completing the DSBA New Beekeepers course.  My partner and I had been keen to start beekeeping for several years and finally took the plunge when we moved back to Scotland where our location and garden size made it more feasible.  As such we added to our mini zoo of 2 golden retrievers and 33 hens!  I became Treasurer in November 2019 to which I apply my experience as an accountant.

Morag Fraser

Secretary (interim)/Events/Website Co-ordinator

I joined the DSBA Board in November 2018 as New Beekeepers Representative, having discovered my interest in beekeeping the same year. My first career was as a secretary in the diplomatic service. I changed career path in my 30s and retrained as an osteopath. I am excited about my third career as an apiarist. I enjoy working with people and sharing my knowledge and bring my organisational experience to the Board.

Peter Hunt

Membership Secretary

I started beekeeping in 1990, when varroa was appearing in south England, so I had about 15 years before it moved north.  I belatedly joined the New Beekeepers course in 2001, when we could still be accommodated around Magnus’s kitchen table. 

I subsequently completed the Basic Beemaster and intermediate certificate, which is the first 4 modules.  A couple of years later I became Membership Secretary and have watched the membership climb steadily from 40 to the current 200+.  I’ve enjoyed mixed success as a beekeeper over the years supplying a number of colonies to members, and currently manage two colonies.

Paddy Sherrard

I was elected to the Board in 2021, having joined DSBA five years earlier along with my wife Hayley, who provides the scientific knowledge to keep me on track. Having attended the DSBA’s excellent New Beekeepers course, we started a small apiary in the front garden with two hives, which has now grown to six.  So far, the focus has been more on just keeping bees, but this year we have taken our first crop of honey.

Ewan McGeer

I started the New Beekeepers course in January 2019 and instantly became fascinated with beekeeping. I was invited onto the DSBA Board as New Beekeepers’ Representative in November 2019. My wife and daughter are also avid beekeepers and last June received a nucleus colony, which became two within 8 weeks! Outside of beekeeping, I was a Physics teacher for 10 years and am now Energy Manager for Mitie Energy. In my time with the DSBA I have been impressed with the experience, enthusiasm and professionalism within the association and look forward to working with the class of 2020.

Archie Millar

New Beekeepers’ Representative

I live in a small town called Bonnybridge.  I took up beekeeping earlier this year and wish I had done it years ago.  I completed the DSBA New Beekeepers course in September 2021 which was great fun and knowledgeable.  Beekeeping is a great way to use my retirement days and I am managing three hives at the moment.  I took up the role of New Beekeepers representative in November 2021, and I look forward to seeing and meeting our new beekeepers at the beginning of the new season.