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Apiary Events

Your bees will be wintering down and you can turn your attention to the winter jobs. To support you in these we are offering the following events at the DSBA apiary.


Varrox vaporiser training, Sunday 22nd October from 1pm to 4pm

As part of your management of Varroa, one application that is recommended is sublimation of an approved oxalic acid-containing product using a varrox vaporiser. DSBA has two varrox vaporisers and 12v battery kits available for members to borrow free-of-charge. The only requirement for borrowing this equipment is that you must have attended a DSBA varrox training demonstration.

The training session is also open to those who would like to refresh their training on the safe use of the equipment.

If you would like to attend a varrox vaporiser training session please email your interest to [email protected].

Frame cleaning service, Sunday 29th October from 1pm to 4pm


You may recall we trialled the recently purchased steam boiler for frame cleaning – with great results.  The apiary team will fire up the boiler for action on Sunday 29th October from 1pm to 4pm to offer a frame cleaning service to you. 


If you would like to take advantage of this service there are several actions you would need to take in advance.  

1.    Book your slot (see below)

2.    Remove the wax from the frame – leave the wedge in if possible

3.    Scrape remaining brace comb and propolis from the frame

4.    Tie the frames together in a bundle of 10 – bottom bar to top bar – to make a rectangle (this size and shape fits neatly into the boiler)


There will be no facility to prepare your frames at the apiary and unprepared frames will be rejected.


Each bundle will take 5 to 7 minutes to process.  We need to limit the maximum number of bundles, whether brood or super, to 3 bundles of 10 frames per person, ie 30 frames.


Refreshments will be on offer while your frames are being processed.


If you would like to book please email [email protected] with the number of frames and we will give you a time slot.  Places will be limited so book early.



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