Apiary Visits

As announced in last month’s newsletter, we have 2 summer apiary visits to look forward to.  Spaces are limited and will be reserved on a first-come-first-served basis to fully-paid DSBA members.  If you would like the opportunity to take part please complete the individual link, the sooner the more likely you are to secure a place! We will let you know one way or the other sometime in early May.


John Mellis Apiary Visit: Saturday 18th June 2022 from 11.30am until mid-afternoon


DSBA have been invited to visit John Mellis honey extraction and bottling process facility in Dumfries, followed by a bring-your-own lunch at South of Scotland Beekeepers Association apiary which is nearby. You will need to make your own transport or car share arrangements.


John Hoskin Apiary Visit: Sunday 26th June 2022 from 2pm to 5pm


John Hoskin has invited DSBA members to visit his apiary near Kincardine Bridge.  John is a long-standing member of DSBA and has a wide knowledge and experience to share.  You will have the opportunity to handle bees, observe his queen rearing process, and ask lots of questions.  Refreshments will be provided.  There is ample parking and toilet facilities.  This visit offers something for everyone, whether you are a new beekeeper or a veteran.  


Apiary Hygiene


It is very important when visiting any apiary that you observe good apiary hygiene. Your bee suit should have been freshly laundered. It is advisable to bring a black polythene bag to put your bee-suit into after the apiary visit which will remind you to wash it before using in your own apiary. Please clean your wellingtons before coming to the visit. A foot bath of washing soda solution will be provided as you enter and leave the apiary. Disposable nitrile long cuff gloves are provided by the Association for you to wear during your visit and should be disposed of in the bins provided. Leather gauntlets or other hand wear may not be used when inspecting or manipulating Association colonies. All hive tools will be provided and will be disinfected in washing soda solution between hives and after the visit. Please do not bring any hive tools, cover cloths, smokers or other equipment.