Arnold Clark Community Fund

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In April 2021 the trustees were made aware of the Arnold Clark Community Fund which was aimed at helping charities and other voluntary organisations get over the Covid restrictions.  Discussion followed at our next Zoom monthly meeting and suggestions and costings of what would help us get through the different levels of lockdown were considered.  An application was then put together and with fingers crossed it was submitted.  A month passed with no word and hope was fading, however, an email landed in the in-box.  With some trepidation, the email was opened and the “Congratulations” banner was the first thing in view. We had applied for the maximum amount of one thousand pounds, however, how much would we get?  I read on and the full amount had been awarded!  There were three projects at the apiary we put forward and all three are now underway.  The photographs show the new canopy under construction to allow Hands on Beekeeping participants to work outside under cover as the cabin is restricted for numbers and further construction of pathways to help members with reduced mobility safe passage within the apiary.  The third project was the purchase of additional bee suits.  As sharing of suits not being possible until washed, this was a further restriction we would be able to overcome.  So, the next photograph shows a further path and the order for the suits will be in the post very soon. Photographs will be sent with a big thank you to Arnold Clark for their generosity which will make such a difference to the safe promotion of bees and beekeeping.

DSBA 30th July 2021

Newly-laid Concrete path
Canopy under Construction July 2021
Canopy Completed end July 2021
A huge thank you to Arnold Clark

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