Alex McLaren Beekeeping Centre


To complement the New Beekeepers lecture training programme, we manage an apiary in the grounds of Stirling University which is specifically for the training of new beekeepers as they transition to the more practical Hands On Beekeeping.

We have a dedicated team of volunteers who maintain the apiary and provide the weekly Hands On Beekeeping training.  Meet the Apiary Committee here.


DSBA has a long history of training new beekeepers. The apiary is named after Alex McLaren who inspired learning.  Alex was a school teacher from Falkirk who continued to teach others about beekeeping.  The DSBA continues to uphold that teaching tradition.


As part of the ongoing development, we recognised the need for disabled access and larger storage facilities.  In the autumn and winter of 2019/20, the Apiary Committee was involved in this development project, until work was put on hold in March 2020 due to the COVID 19 crisis. 

In April 2021, after a year of absence, the apiary committee volunteers were able to meet once more and continue the development work at the apiary. The focus this time was on the forecourt in front of the cabin.  With generous funding from Arnold Clark Community Fund, we erected a canopy to provide protection from rain and which will effectively extend the space available for training – particularly relevant during these COVID times when it is safer to meet outdoors.

The concrete path was also extended in the forecourt and at the entrance to the gate providing disabled access to the apiary grounds.

Queen Rearing Group


To encourage the continued development of beekeepers, and in particular, the provision of local bees, the queen rearing group works with a number of beekeepers to develop their skills. Our aim is to help members learn and gain experience in queen rearing.

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