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The Board Of Trustees

We have a committed and enthusiastic Board of Trustees who bring a variety of skills and a wealth of experience to the table, and make bold decisions to take the Association forward in a new and exciting direction. The one feature common to all is that they keep bees!

Morag Fraser


Kenneth Holden

Vice Chair

Leila Scobie


Peter Hunt


Paddy Sherrard
Member Secretary
Web and Newsletter Co-ordinator

Ian Woodburn

I volunteered to become a Trustee in December 2022. While the Christmas spirit may have had something to do with it, I was motivated mainly by wanting to become more involved in a fascinating hobby and to help support an organisation that does great work in promoting beekeeping and supporting beekeepers. My beekeeping experience of 3 years is heavily outweighed by my 35 years administrative experience in local government so I think my contribution is likely to favour the administrative and organisational rather than the technical where I still have much to learn. I have also previously “done time” on Golf Club and Scout Group Committees so, hopefully, have an understanding of the challenges of running voluntary/charitable groups.

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