Fondant – box of 5 x 2.5Kg packets and is £25.00 per box.

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Beekeepers use fondant at a time when the bees are clustered for warmth during the winter months and early Spring, when there is little or no natural forage available. As the fondant is a paste with very little water content, the bees have no difficulty storing or consuming it as they do not need to evaporate off any moisture from this food source.

Fondant conveniently comes in a box of 5 x 2.5Kg packets and is really simple to use. The packs can be opened by scoring a cross on one side and then peeling the wrapping back to expose the fondant. I personally place the pack over a feed hole in the crown board with the open side facing down, but I know that in colder areas of the country it may be advisable to place the fondant directly on top of the frames, under a multifunction crown board or shallow eke with a crown board above. Insulation then may be placed on top of the crown board.

The bees consume fondant at a slower rate than syrup; it doesn’t stimulate them to produce more brood but ensures that a good quality food source is directly above the brood nest, easily within reach of the cluster.