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Varroa Sublimation

For those of us who as part of our fight against Varroa carry out sublimation, the shortest day 21st December 2022 is just around the corner which leads us to planning our treatment for 2022/23.  Again your Association offers the free use of a Varrox with 12volt battery to paid up members that have carried out the DSBA awareness training.  This is noted by the “V” number on your membership card. (e.g. V21 or V16) which must be produced when you sign for the loan of the equipment.  

Approved treatments are not held at the apiary for sale or made available with the Varrox Kit, therefore, you must ensure that you have your own supply before booking the kit. All the normal beekeeping equipment companies can help you, however, if using mail order, remember there are postal strikes planned for December!  

We ask you not to pass on the Varrox Kit between members as we require to know how many colonies have been done for the battery power, however, you may wish to purchase your chosen treatment with a beekeeping buddy especially if you have only one or two colonies.  As an example, Api-Bioxal (other treatments are available!) comes in different sizes of sachets, however, the small one is sufficient for around ten treatments so rather than waste unused product, share and split the cost.      

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