The ‘Nuc List’

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The DSBA Nuc List

As the 2023 beekeeping season is now well under way, we start thinking (and more so our newer currently non-beekeeping members) about getting new bees.

The most common, and probably easiest, way to start your beekeeping is with a nucleus of bees (Nuc). This is basically a small colony of 5/6 frames of bees with a queen. The Nuc is created by splitting an existing strong colony into two with the original Queen in one and a new Queen in the other. Nucs are available commercially but are also available through the Association. These are provided by experienced members who have split colonies but no longer wish to add to their apiaries. A major advantage over commercial Nucs, apart from price, is that Association Nucs are bred from local stock and therefore produce bees that are acclimatised to local conditions.

Association Nucs become available in late spring/early summer, depending on weather. The Association sets a maximum price of £235 per Nuc but the actual price is determined between the seller and buyer and may be lower. The Nucs are bred to a set specification and are certified disease free.

If you are interested in acquiring a Nuc please email [email protected] and I will add your name to the list. I will come back to you confirming your request and also requesting some basic information regarding the approximate location of your apiary and what type of frames you are using. From there, I will try and get a supplier close to you who has agreed to the DSBA Guidelines and Specifications. Thereafter, arrangements are between you and the supplier.

Further details on the specification and guidelines are available here.

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