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An overview of the year

We have an active programme throughout the year.  

In the summer, those who have studied in our New Beekeepers’ Programme are invited to the DSBA apiary where they can see first-hand the development work, chat with the apiary committee, and have an opportunity to have a hands on experience of managing a hive. 

Our members get the opportunity to visit a number of member’s and commercial apiaries to learn from other keepers.  Then after the busy summer months and harvesting honey, to mark the end of the active bee-keeping season we hold a honey show in October.  This is your opportunity to show off the fruits of your (bees’) labour and compete for the coveted Val Johns trophy for the best in show. 

From September to April, we meet in the evening on the first Tuesday of every month at Dunblane Cathedral Halls to listen to guest speakers talk on a wide range of bee-keeping topics from Deformed Wing Virus to Scottish Pollen Analysis. 

Paddy Sherrard

The Bee Healthy Bulletin

This is the first of three bulletins throughout the coming year summarising advice on how to check and control Varroa, the mite which parasitises Apis mellifera brood and adult bees.

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