We are asked for help to dispose of old equipment from time to time, from the families of ex- beekeepers, or from downsizers. We all like a bargain, and we much prefer to see unwanted kit being reused, rather than stashed away in a shed.  Please send [email protected] pictures and a description. Our role is only to put buyers in touch with sellers – we are not involved in the sale itself and accept no liability for the items or the sale.   Buyers and sellers should agree terms of sale.

We will not offer any product that has not been properly cleaned and ideally sterilised – old frames and drawn combs are a definite no.

From Eric:

Below is a photo of a large 9 frame hand driven spinner I have been using for many years but it is quite hard work so I have now ordered a smaller electrically driven spinner for this year.

I would like to offer my ‘old’ but fully functional spinner to any interested member for no cost but request the recipient gives a donation to ‘Bees for Development’ (maybe becomes a member!) which I have supported for many years.

Phone: 07900 178407.

Donated to the Association:

All stainless steel blade, plastic handle, 2m black flex with on/off rocker switch. The knife is thermostatically controlled (not adjustable) switching between 60 and 140°C. It is also very light and very comfortable to use.  250mm x 50mm blade.

Cost of knife new was £99.00. The apiary committee would like around £40.00 or so!  Please contact [email protected] to arrange collection/payment.