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The Board Of Trustees

We have a committed and enthusiastic Board of Trustees who bring a variety of skills and a wealth of experience to the table, and make bold decisions to take the Association forward in a new and exciting direction. The one feature common to all is that they keep bees!

Paddy Sherrard
Chair and Website Co-ordinator

I joined DSBA along with my wife Hayley and thoroughly enjoyed our new beekeepers' course and Association Apiary visits. Having decided to settle by Alva, our first two hives have now quadrupled and we take a small crop of honey each season, preferring to focus on the natural benefits for the environment and our bees. Every day is a learning day - whether with the bees, or working with the website!

Graham Grant
Vice-Chair and Education

My interest in bees started in the 70's when I helped my grandad with his bees. The beginners beekeepers course brough those memories flooding back. Life in the intervening time got in the way and when retirement was looming large the thought of having my own bees began to take seed in my mind. I am glad I took the plunge and with my first hive of bees arriving this summer I am looking forward to my time as beekeeper rather than as the young apprentice.

Leila Scobie

I have been involved in beekeeping since the spring of 2017 after completing the DSBA New Beekeepers course. My partner and I had been keen to start beekeeping for several years and finally took the plunge when we moved back to Scotland where our location and garden size made it more feasible. As such we added to our mini zoo of 2 golden retrievers and 33 hens! I became Treasurer in November 2019 to which I apply my experience as an accountant.

Sheila Gordon

After living for many years in the Middle East we retired to the middle of nowhere in the Trossachs and one of the hobbies I’ve thoroughly enjoyed taking up has been keeping bees. I did the 2022 New Beekeepers’ course and, against all the usual advice, took on two hives that summer and I’ve been learning on the job ever since. When weather permits I spend ages with a cuppa watching antics at the hive entrance or sitting reading under a tree buzzing with bees and have been over the moon to share a wee bit of honey from the bees each year. I’ve had a varied career in all manner of admin sectors and dabbling in natural therapies, including using Apis homeopathic medication, so I hope I’m putting those skills to good use within the brilliant DSBA.

Scott Thomson
New Beekeeper Representative

I have been interested in beekeeping for many years and eventually joined the association a few years back. It was soon obvious to me that the association and all of the volunteers do a fantastic job of promoting the world of bees, but as a novice, I appreciate that things can seem a little daunting at first….and one learns quickly that everyone in the ‘bee world’ has their own opinion regarding what is the best thing to do and when! As beekeeping is complex, this makes everyday a learning a day when talking about bees…but having been a teacher for 27 years, that’s ok with me! Having recently completed the New Beekeepers beginners’ course along with my wife, I am happy to support all new beekeepers as their representative within the association, so please feel free to contact me and I will try to support in any way that I can.

Ian Woodburn

I volunteered to become a Trustee in December 2022. While the Christmas spirit may have had something to do with it, I was motivated mainly by wanting to become more involved in a fascinating hobby and to help support an organisation that does great work in promoting beekeeping and supporting beekeepers. My beekeeping experience of 3 years is heavily outweighed by my 35 years administrative experience in local government so I think my contribution is likely to favour the administrative and organisational rather than the technical where I still have much to learn. I have also previously “done time” on Golf Club and Scout Group Committees so, hopefully, have an understanding of the challenges of running voluntary/charitable groups.

Carol Kirkpatrick

Having had a notion to learn more about beeking for several years, I signed up for the DBSA New Beekeepers Course in 2021. At that stage I was still nursing full time, but now that I'm semi retired I have more time to invest in this interest. I volunteer at Bannockburn Apiary which is a very encouraging learning environment and I was very excited to get my first hive in May of this year. Every day is most definitely a school day.

Craig Webb

Trustee I’m a mechanical engineer and the owner of a sales and consultancy company providing process control solutions to a variety of sectors. I started beekeeping last year, taking delivery of 2 Nucs in June, after completing the DSBA beginners’ course in 2022. My wife Aleksandra and I joined the association in the same year. We enjoy taking our 2 golden retrievers, Sasha and Lola, out hill walking. They now have a few Munros under their collars! We are also keen gardeners and are currently trying to transform a field into a garden, which is where we have our apiary.

David McCrae

Trustee Being relatively new to beekeeping, I have taken advantage of everything that DSBA has to offer to help with the couple of hives I have in my garden. Having done the new beekeepers course, made good use of the mentoring service, ordered supplies and attended a few educational modules run by Ilona, I thought I should put my hand up and offer to help in return. Having few talents, I am waiting to see what DSBA has in store for me as a trustee.

Andrew Kindness

Caroline Hogg

Apiary Member