The Basics of Beekeeping

The Association’s “Basics of Beekeeping’ is widely recognised as one of the best resources for beginners and a very useful reference document for all.
Thanks to Magnus Peterson for the original draft and for the reviewers who update it every year.

Members' only Zoom Recording:
Preparing for the Season Ahead

We welcomed David to talk to us on Tuesday 5 March 24 on preparing for the season ahead, with the goal of this talk to make beekeepers a little more proactive and a bit less reactive. The bees will do whatever they want (as usual!) but with a little preparation the relatively short season can feel a bit less frantic. He will cover record keeping, equipment needs, feeding, Varroa management and queen rearing. Inevitably, because of the breadth of topics covered, each will get less attention than it would in a dedicated talk. However, focusing on some of these subjects before the season starts should allow beekeepers to think, plan and prepare for events when they (inevitably) happen.

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