You may already be a beekeeper, or you may be thinking about becoming a beekeeper.  Perhaps you simply want to know more about honey bees, their activities and products.  If this is you, please join us to develop your interest and passion.



We are an active Association, with more than 200 members.  We have meetings throughout the year with summer apiary visits, and winter lectures from experts in various fields.  What’s on.

Bee Feed and Supplies

Bee feed supplies of sugar syrup and ambrosia, nitrile gloves and jars are available to purchase at an attractive price. For a list of products and how to order, please visit supplies.

Loan Equipment

The Association has invested in larger, more expensive equipment, such as varrox vaporisers and honey extractors, and these are available for members to borrow free of charge. Visit supplies.

Heather Site

DSBA has access to a heather site that is local to Dunblane, and we are grateful to the landlord for providing access to the site. Though heather seasons vary from year to year, we are pleased to offer DSBA members the opportunity of a heather honey crop.  Ask here for more information.

Heather Site
Heather Site

Membership Subscriptions

Current Membership Subscriptions are:

  • Ordinary Membership £12
  • Joint Membership       £15
  • Family Membership    £18
  • Juvenile Membership   £6

Membership Card

To check and print your current membership card, please download and follow the instructions found here. If any of the information on your card is incorrect, please email the correct details to


Membership Enquiries

If you are interested in joining DSBA please ask here.